Fire Swirl Spiritual Native American Drums Ritual Trance Dance – Fuego y Tambores Ritual Espiritual

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Subscribe now at: Time to meditate and fall in trance with Native American fire swirls. Drums for ritual, dance or trance. Sound by Pris…


veruzca falcon says:
Oxana Gukasyan says:
Reversion J.H. says:

This music is so calm, relaxing. It centers me, stations my soul where it
should be. This is extremely welcomed and appreciated. I hope you know

richard cooper says:

Back to the Earth, Time… find peace within our Spirit. Thank you for
this… and all involved. Carlos Nakai and Mary Youngblood are also a few
Good artists. Many out there, so please keep sharing. Some day…. Peace
and health to all.

Timea Robinson says:

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥Thank you for your upload, blessing on you all. ♥

Steven R.W. says:

I’m #3799.

Dean Zochert says:

Where can I get this recording?

blanckieification says:

Waaaaaaaaawwww. That is what I was looking for. And I need more of this
. What kind of drum are these?

gê Dias says:

Muito bonito.

DancesWithBears says:

My Shoshone neighbor used to play drums with her friends and I would
listen. Finally I asked her why drums could touch my soul like that and why
did I feel so safe, relaxed, and warm when I listened. She said that it is
the heartbeat. And that is what it felt like to me, like I was in my mama’s
womb and listening to her heart.

AutoDrill says:

Would love to find stuff like this on Pandora… Anyone have a clue how to
do so?

Donnie Williams says:

very good

Warren Dunn says:

Priscilla, Is there a Fire Swirl CD available?

MyrdinAnnoth says:

This is outright beautiful.

m m says:

a path to the fire and the drums the beat 0NE to be ONE WITH A

John Morris says:

i gotta say i dont know how or why but when i lsten to music like this i
feel like my soul is at peace and im not stressed this type of music as
well as other native american music is one of my passion you are proud of
your hertiage and where you came from it’s just sad that in a lot of
society today we as a country usa have lost sight of beauty mother earth
and what true history stands for since i was very little my grandfather
collected kachina dolls when i was very little i was stare at them for
hours and i was so amazed that someone actully made a doll like that with
such love and passion for there history anyway keep up the goodwork and
glad i found your video’s they take me to a place of relaxtion be well

Priscilla P. Wood says:

Fire Swirl Native American Drums for Meditation

Ou Lucas says:

Thank you for that!

3chicspolitico says:

I’m so loving this.

sandi too says:

thank you. I lost my adult son to female inflicted domestic violence, and
this beauty you share is the only thing that soothes my heart.

IntoThaDark Light says:
joaquim machado says:

its a new favorite. now synthesizers. love the sole drums.

Nick Singh says:

this kind of music stirs the soul 

fortressone22rr says:
Virginia Gilbert says:

Take a look at this video on YouTube:

Mariusz Zaleski says:
DakiniBorealis says:

Immediate chills. It took me a while to find something like this on
YouTube without a lot of modern nonsense added on top of it. GORGEOUS.
Thank you so much. I was looking for something authentic, not obfuscated,
and I found it. Blessed be.

Rebecca Huff says:

Is there any way to download this to my iphone? It’s amazing….

Nick Singh says:


AmrtaGopaladas says:

Great stuff. Very meditative. Thank you

Steven Knaap says:

Perfect music to practice my didgeridoo. Awesome!!! 

Sharron Fortune says:

THANK U SO MUCH OR SHARING THIS! I found out a few yrs ago I have a pure
Cherokee Grandmother & it’s something about this that gives me major peace,
comfort as I’m cleansed and purified thru my meditation time. THANKS A

Marie Claude Vincendeau says:
Josh Seal says:

Fire Swirl Spiritual Native American Drums Ritual…:

Пыльный Кролик says:

Thank you very very much for uploading this amazing music! 

nico van deventer says:
Stenheart says:

nice drums

Rae Ayani says:

Mitakuye Oyasin ♡

Josh Seal says:

Fire Swirl Spiritual Native American Drums Ritual…:

Sal1675 says:

Provocative and enchanting

konejitotraumatiko says:

Its like wow and then… jusr wow and amazing!

maria jackson says:

Hauntingly beautiful……… heard alone and in the dark!

Tati Tati Creativity says:


Blanca Maldonado says:

beautiful!!!! <3 <3 <3 

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