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Entheos began with brothers Brian and Dave Killoran writing music on acoustic guitars and playing small open mic gigs in Dublin . With the addition of bass player Keith Walsh Entheos was born. They recorded their first 5 track E.P No Masters in 2006 and continued playing live. In 2007 Violin player Enid Conaghan joined the group and added a new depth and intricacy to their sound. In 2008 they recorded a second 5 track E.P Common Ground incorporating percussion instruments such as Djembe, Bodhran and Cymbals. These 5 tracks were merged with new tracks recorded in 2009 with Neil Bradley on bass Keith taking over on guitar. These songs resulted in the Album III. Entheos have made a name for themselves as an outstanding live act playing venues such as Whelan’s, The Village, and Radio city amongst others and they plan to take their music country wide to promote their album III this summer 2009 Drawing on their roots of the gritty side of rock, contemporary folk, and traditional music, Entheos create a sound that is unique, sometimes dark, and consistently hard to define. Passing vagabonds once commented that Entheos sound like what might result from Alice in Chains jamming with an Irish folk band in a Tunisian opium den. On their soon to be released mini-album III they have woven a fluid structure of vocals, guitars, violins, percussion and melodies to create a sound that is filled with the fire of people who love making music. With live performances that never disappoint and occasionally verge on the epic, Entheos are an act to be experienced.


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