Edmond Nsheuko – My African mother

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Beautiful African woman
Precious daughter of our land
Through thee I saw daylight
Under thy shield I learned to fight
Against the threats of life

You laid down the foundation
On which I’ve built my life
You taught me to be strong
when strength in life is needed
You taught me to be wise
when the day calls for wisdom

You taught me to smile
as it is the spice of life
With thee I learned to love
Unconditional love

Tears of joy and happiness
Tears of sorrow and sadness
With tender words you wiped them up
Each time they wet my cheeks

Now, as I roam the world
I carry with me the tools
You crafted for my success
Love, hard work and respect
Are always by my side
They fend away the thorns
That life throws at me

It is true what they say
A man never grows too old
To be his mother’s son
I still yearn for your cuisine
With food so succulent
That my stomach cries for more
With tastes so unique
No one else can duplicate

Your smile is my sunshine
It always brightens my sky
In days of stormy weather
That is why I seek always
To keep you smiling

Now and forever
I shall bow in front of you
You will always be my queen
My mighty African queen

Copyright © 2009 by Edmond Nsheuko

Edmond Nsheuko


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