Easy Djembe Lesson 6. Traditional Celtic Rhythm

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An easy lesson on playing djembe. This lesson demonstrates a wee bit of Afro-celtic fusion (no-need for a bodhran) 🙂


Olkus Głupkus says:

I’m out of lessons! What now? 🙁

Normthedrummer says:

You’re spot on there. I think the fundamental rhythmic l basis is possibly
the human heartbeat. That would explain the hypnotic appeal of such

Micheal Eris says:

i wish you guys would not talk so much before…

scoutthedoggie says:

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Sylvia Eichmann says:

Love this rhythm! Thanks Norm. I’m a beginner Djembe player… could you
write out this pattern please? thanks again.

Normthedrummer says:

@scoutthedoggie thanks, will do 🙂

Normthedrummer says:

Thanks Sylvia! I don’t ever really write my patterns down – maybe I should
– but this one is basically RR LRL RR LRL with emphasis on the double RR.
Sometimes it’s easier to raise your hand higher for the doubles to make
them slightly louder. Best of luck, it will all come together in time.

Tyler Birch says:

This is really interesting, I’ve noticed some surprising similarities
between African and Celtic Rhythm actually. Especially their similar
phrasing of 6/8 rhythms which you demonstrated in this video. Coincidence?

Andrew Cartmell says:

Very helpful! Thanks!

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