Dununba #1 “HD” Djembe drum and dance party in Conakry, Guinea

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TO SEE.HEAR MORE FREE! http://michaelpluznick.com/2010/11/21/dununba-dance-and-drum-party-in-guinee-west-africa/ “African Dance”: #1 in a series: This is my …


Jackey Ramirez says:

The djembe guy was fucking kick ass.. no freaking doubt…

berean315 says:

Very, very nice quality!

Junior1luv says:


Gabriele Cutispoto says:

Non Ci Sono PAROLE!! Unico <3!

aroni54 says:

Excellent! I try djembe,i’ll try to dance like this

Esteban Escamilla says:

I felt like jumping in and dancing!! Even though I’d look like a fool I don
care lol they be doing that stuff hard!!! I LOVE IT!!

lingnoi24 says:

Right on, these are the clearest, cleanest dounounba videos on Youtube!
Thanks again for posting, loven it in HD!!!

davidgibbs75 says:

Loved this absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!

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