Drum and bass , how to mix with hip hop

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In this video i show you how to mix drum and bass with hip hop, note the thing under the slip mat, don’t know where it came from?? perhaps go to ellaskins on youtube to see what it’s all about?


laura2iq says:

`oh it is Very good 😉 btw a little blog isabella.camfille18.com

razv says:

awsome mix ffs ! =)

sombec says:

Uploaded by sombec

shane house says:

Good mix J, I have being trying to do this kind of cross mixing with traditional irish music & funky house music, i have not cracked it yet , but if you ever get around to doing a tutorial video on this unusual genre, it would be fantastic, thanks for this video, cheers buddy.

Exus says:

nice one mate !

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