Dogon Ethnic Group in Mali Tribal Sounds African Drums – Tambores Tribu Etnica Sonido Tribal

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Subscribe at: Sound – StompDance by Kevin MacLeod. ( Photos used with perm…


Gary Howard says:

What’s the story, Priscilla? Kevin McLeod is some white guy living in
Wisconsin, but I see all the Dogon pictures and think it’s Africans
playing. Are these even true Dogon rhythms, or Kevin’s impersonations?
Don’t get me wrong, I love the sounds, but I’m wondering about origin and

Eli Yahu says:

Give thanks Ms Wood for sharing. Give thanks Dogon people for being who you

Natalia Mascaró says:

thank you!!!

Priscilla P. Wood says:

Hi, there’s only one track, StompDance by Kevin MacLeod. Thank you 🙂

livfredom says:

luv this

Priscilla P. Wood says:

thank you 🙂

Marcony Edson says:


Damian Ignacio Zamora Cadenas says:

Track list please…

Priscilla P. Wood says:

Thank you.

Priscilla P. Wood says:

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