Djembe Technique Masterclass

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Denis Epshteyn says:

this is a variation of a slap, it is also correct, other than that – great
tutorial thanks

DrummerBoyZA says:

The djembe is a drum that allows the player to express themselves.
Inspire-works works with thousands and young school students every year.
This method of slapping is so that the pupils will be able to differentiate
between tone and slap. we found that pupils were able to identify the
difference by moving their hands as shown in the video. Master drummers do
not often do this, that’s why they’re masters! 🙂 Please understand this is
the context of the video before you criticize.

djembeweaver says:

@fienebee Actually I have seen folas use this technique (Famoudou uses all
sorts of variations on slaps and tones) but not very often I must say. I
have always been taught to play the slap in roughly the same position as
the tone but to change the angle of attack and tension in the fingers. The
classic slap I have described, if played correctly, produces a melodic note
that is a higher harmonic of the tone (a full octave when folas play). The
slap shown here produces more of a cracking sound.

psiakrew131 says:

very tough techinque… True Masterclass!

djembeweaver says:

All musical instruments allow players to express themselves. The better
your technique, the better you can express yourself. If anyone who has
learned this technique goes to a class with a West African djembefola they
will be ‘corrected’ so I maintain that this is incorrect information. Good
technique is achieved through mirroring good technique. Kids will never get
a Guinea / Mali / Burkina / Ivory Coast slap if you don’t (or can’t) play
it. Good slaps are much more melodic than this technique.

dotspace77 says:


fienebee says:

sorry, but your slapping technique is not correct. you tell people to move
their hands more to the middle of the drum, so the the border of your palm
touches the edge of the drum. so wrong… also the wave-movement is very
unefficient. never seen a master play that way.

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