Djembe solo – Tony ‘Ruption’ Williams – Third World – live

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Djembe solo – Tony ‘Ruption’ Williams – Third World Band – live Cosmopolis Festival, Kavala, Greece 23/07/2006.


OldiesParodies says:

Nice! I came at 2:08.

MrDop3boy says:

this is djembe right?

SuperTruthful says:

I loved the energy.

NattySoundz BlessUp says:

Hot Hot Hot!!!

Fantastic_Timez says:

goodness what a tank jembe player so muscular lol

ostrosk says:

@SistrenGad : His name is Tony ‘Ruption’ Williams

James Farrell says:

ouch, you should check out some of the real djembe stuff here on youtube. I
wouldn’t rate this guy at all.

purklang says:

This ist not realy Djembe Playing. Sorry! Mamady Keita is a great Djembe
Player and Teacher. But I know, this is another kind of music, and – no
matter how to play djembe, fun is always the most important thing 🙂

utterbullspit says:

Is that the beat from Sean Paul’s song Temperature?

metades says:

sounds good…very nice rhythm 🙂

TheFML dino says:


molinmusic says:

Tony ‘RUPTION’ Williams, the BEST!!!!

SuperTruthful says:

@DjembefolaDOTcom …a bit of jealousy on your part i would say. He has his
blessings, traveling around the world/ recording cd’s and doing tv/radio
interviews, he not only plays djembe, he is a drummer/singer. You don’t
have to rate him, God did already and blessed him. Now, where is your
stuff, ouch? Peace

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