Djembe Lesson – 3/4 roll over 4/4 rhythm

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Jason from explains how to do a 3/4 roll.


Chuchichaestli19 says:

3/4 roll over rhythm might be the wrong name but it describes triblets
perfect! I was searching for a tutorial to switch from 4/4 to 3/4. What did
i found first? Right, this video! So he gave a good name to this video ;)

chupeta POWER says:

I star today with My crishtmas gift :)do more easy stars for me pleaSe

cajovna777788852 says:


SchÖn Long says:

16th note triplets in 4/4 time. 3/4 over 4/4 describes a polyrythm. you’re
still only playing 1 time signature. smooth rolls though 🙂

johnno tub says:

Great video, got straight into it and didn’t spend half the video talking.
Found it very helpful. Thx

jory villegas says:

q buen tutorial sigue asiendo eso

Luuk Meijwaard says:

this isn’t 3/4 on 4/4, it’s just triplets

lounasunlove says:

Thank You so much ! In my small village in France I really enjoy your
lesson ! is there some others or a CD ? Have a beautiful time ! L.

Aurko Mukhopadhyay says:


whatsaguytodo says:

Good playing but you really should learn the theory before teaching

madhattersad says:

fantastic video man 🙂

hakobuful says:

thank you man…

Omarateastwind says:

Thanks Jason! This will be a good addition to my drum circle repertoire as
soon as I can get it down. I don’t care if it’s 3/4 or 16th note
tripletts….it sounds good and I’ll learn and play it!!

shellybytheseashore says:

Thanks so much for sharing…you are a great teacher! Wonderful energy.
Shelly, Nova Scotia Canada

Bruce Cohen says:

nice…. I am really liking this RHYTHM….. Ive been looking for some
djembe inspiration. I located this another UK site… that had notation and
rhythms … trying to locate that again.

allumelapistache says:

R u left handed?

LA Live Percussion says:


RevNTheogen says:

Hey I love the video, much more informative than most on youtube. Btw has
anyone ever mentioned the uncanny resemblence to Mr G from Summer Heights

tudgemyster says:

this is GREAT! l have started a Djembe Circle at Shawforth lancashire. and
i will be bringing in all i have learn here.

Normthedrummer says:

Nice playing Jason. I also have some wee Scottish djembe videos for any
budding players.

Danny Gooyer says:

I notice two things by my self; – I am slowly getting the hang of te 3/4
roll – when i play something completely different… and i want to return
to the 3/4 roll it is not so easy to play it agin ….!!!

Jasmin Carter says:

This actually helps im ment to be showing how to do a 3/4 and a 4/4 this
friday and the worst part is my teacher is recording me while im showing
how to do it. And it has 2 be by drums, and my own chords hopefully i pass
this project!! :/


RlrLrlRlrLrl 1..2.. 3..4.. is actually how that would be counted

pelle kakelambekrantz says:

This has nothing to do whith traditional west african djembe. u must try to
learn more about polyrytm 3/4 and 4/4. U seem to be a nice guy but its to
early to try being a teacher about this

Lorenzo Levrini says:

its just trips mate

Logan Sowder says:

Those are just triplets in 4/4…

MrAlibakrali says:

thanx jason. bro. ali

DBdrummerboy113 says:

A great way to explain this would just say you’re doing sixtuplets lmfao

jefffree69 says:

Breaks down the riffs very nicely – great sound

Lily Rose says:

very very helpful!!!! thank you!!!

drumcase7 says:

That’s not a “3/4 Roll”. You are playing 16th note triplets. Your
explanation has nothing to do with real musical notation or counting.

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