Djembe exercise / practice

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3 more rhythms to learn/ practice 🙂 l = left hand r = right hand s = slap t = tone (open) b = bass f = flam – = rest Enjoy ! and keep practicing 😉


Janet Mapes says:

Having the… what’s the word… hand codes, maybe… on the screen is a
great idea! Nice teaching video, thanks again.

Dave Muijen says:

you’re welcome 🙂

michaelispan says:


darkkrang2007 says:

hey i begining to undertsnad what you mean by puting it that way! where di
youo get your drum from??? as i llike a drum with more base to it mine
needss tuneing in ! at this time! soo dont soound sooo right to me lol if
you have anymore ryumes or tunes you know would love to know more from
yoou! dorm great vido two

Kris g says:

powerful practice thanks

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