David Beckham – Moonlight Gathering… An African Experience

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Sing that song father
Common now…
Join in with the chorus brother; will you please?
Alright sister, you, mother and me, let us all hum
Lets put our hands together
Let us clap…
Lets stretch our vocals chords
Let us sing…
Let our stories be the drumsticks
Let our voices carry on our passion
Under this beautiful cloudless night sky
The moon and the stars are looking down on us
Tonight they’ll be our guests
They’ll be our audience
They’ll twinkle with every beat
Let the gentle breeze, keep strumming on the palms trees
Let the trees, join in with their whispers
And help reverberate our voices
Let us sing the night away
The coconuts will quench our thirst
The fire will keep us warm
I am going to take my shirt off
And drum hard on my stomach and thighs
We are going to tap those feet
To the melodies we know
Create perfect harmony as we dance
Its Friday night
The moon is out and the sky is clear
We are gathered by the fire
And we’ll sing moonlight songs
And do moonlight plays
Celebrate old times and family traditions
We are alive and we are a happy family
Lets celebrate unity
Lets celebrate love

David Beckham


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