Cobus – _Nsync – Pop (DRUMS COVER)

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This is a drum cover (from the TRI-cam Series) of *Nsync’s song, Pop. I edited this song so that it’s 10% faster than the original album version.. makes things more interesting 🙂

This is technically not at all accurate, but that wasn’t the intention of the ‘cover’. This is not so much a drum cover as a my personal rendition of the song 🙂 This is pretty much a rock/funk cover of a VERY “pop” song, which made things really interesting.. i have to say i’m quite pleased with the outcome.

*NSYNC – Pop from the 2001 release Celebrity is the copyrigthed property of its owner.
(This is a mix 10% faster than the original album version.)

(External) Drums by Cobus Potgieter |


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