Playing etnic african drumming groove on a Roland TD20 Vdrums.
Internationally acclaimed African American Women’s Ensemble that performs a unique blend of a cappella harmonies with traditional West African percussion instruments such as the sekere, sakara drum, agogo bell, djundjun, and sangba drum in music spanning the African Diaspora.
The djembe, common throughout all of West Africa, is a skin-covered hand drum shaped like a large goblet. The drum is said to contain three spirits: One from the tree, one from the animal that gave its skin, and one from the drum-maker. In the past, rural villages used the djembe to communicate with one another. Today, it is the music that brings people together to perform traditional African dance, a vibrant, energetic style of dancing. Distributed by TubeMogul. explore™ ( is a multimedia organization that documents leaders around the world who have devoted their lives to extraordinary causes. Both [More]
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Djembe drums are measured by their outer diameter, which indicates the size of the drum head. Size your djembe properly with the help of a professional drummer in this free video.
Have you ever wanted to get good at drums. Well look no further than this advice video on How To Learn Djembe Drums. Follow Videojug’s professionals as they steer you through this advice video.
A djembe drum head needs to be tightened periodically in order to get the best sound possible. Repair your djembe with the help of a professional drummer in this free video.