Cape Cod African Drum & Dance – Opening Ceremony | @marioninstitute

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Close Cape Cod African Dance & Drum is a collective of dancers and drummers who practice and perform traditional West African da…


Harmony Builder says:

That was Awesome Tara:) Thanks for all you do, and all you are!! xoxo

karita campos says:

I had so much fun! lmbo!!!! The only short fat chic trying to
breath!!!still fun,fun,fun!!!

john smith says:

Let me tell you something, “abbey rich”. This group works so hard every day
and love what they do. They have 1000x more talent and skill than you can
even dream of. So before you go trolling on other peoples videos that are
just trying to spread peace and do the things they love, think twice next
time. Oh, And while your at it, go to elementary school and take a fucking
3rd grade grammar course and learn how to spell AFRICAN! Bumbling idiot.

abbey rich says:

this troupe is sad and wack as hell Afrikan drumming with barely no

Kweku Takyi-Annan says:

Ain’t she African in sense.

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