Belinda McGeorge – Jack – The African Penguin

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Welcome all, my name is Jack
I’m a little penguin, white and black.
Here I live, wild and free,
With my penguin family.
Try to keep your voices down,
I’m a penguin not a clown.
Even though I walk real tall,
You will notice I am quite small.
I ask you kindly please don’t run
I get scared and it’s no fun.
When I’m scared I try to flee,
Which can cause an injury.
I am wild don’t try to stroke,
Please don’t jump, shout or poke.
Place your litter in the bins,
I eat fish, not paper and tins.
I know you’re excited to visit me,
So please respect our penguin colony.
-Belinda McGeorge-

Jack – Stony Point Guardian –Betty’s Bay South Africa
In memory of all oiled and injured penguins.

Belinda McGeorge


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