Babatunde African Drum Performance.

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Babatunde Olatunji interpretation of Fanga, a Rhythm from Liberia


MrSlambradley8372 says:

Awesome musicianship!!!!!!!

PREKESEGhanaMedia says:


jimirymodestoca says:

Thank you, SOOOO much. Like really. I’m gonna come back and read through the commentary, and if the information isn’t here, I’m gonna ask you if I can buy this. Thanks.

alve1198 says:

I’m feeling it, I’M FEELING IT!!!

Edward Coleman says:

The ,”Master,” at work! Missing Chief Bey!!! R.I.P.

Water Agua says:


jokelimbo says:

Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depend on simplicity. – Plato

BestTrueBlood says:

i feel like kunta kinte right now.

dodoman50 says:

Some Fucked up music

RIShreddz says:

Veerrrry gooood

Stereo4102 says:

The guy in purple is Baba Olatunji”

lanamal says:

Guy in purple is high as hell.

josiahseckel123 says:

“Bored? Let me play tou the song of my people”. WIN

MrCookieloewer says:

4:55 best part,
they’re pretty awesome

artistwithinme says:

The best.

Tawnia13 says:

3:18 best part

chucknorris424 says:

4:53 SWAGG

AnnatarYoung says:

Also, the fella on the right looks like he’s having a whale of a time!

AnnatarYoung says:

I like it when he uses his hands to play the drums.

derhow says:


FlKTION says:

“From the base motherland, the place of the drum” -Chuck D.
African drumming is like the heartbeat of our civilization.

stevegerard88 says:

mas que like

Nickkihplanner says:

Sanga Of The Valley (dressed in white) is blessing the Djembe. I have to get the other Brothaz name.

misssiera311 says:

Does anyone know the names of the other two men in this vid?

Sawthemdance says:

sounds great!

MrJamjestteo says:

thakns man!

Dandrum2727 says:

I had a pair of 48″ drums made for me in Senegal and had them shipped to the states. Shipping cost almost as much as the drums themselves. I’m a big fan of Baba and I really like his style so I also wanted tall drums like his!

Dandrum2727 says:

The taller drums(with the faces carved on them) are often referred to as ‘ngoma’ drums, although ‘ngoma’ is a generic term for drums in a lot of Africa, both east and west. If you do a search on ‘ngoma’ you’ll find many different styles of drums. I’m not sure of the specific name for those drums behind Baba but I believe the tall ones on the right side(with faces) are Nigerian and the tall ones behind him to the left are Ghanian drums. Also search for ‘standing drums’

thebadgood123 says:

great rthym!

Wobatter says:

i LOL to that rofl

PiffLilMissyswagger1 says:

i am an african AMEN! and proud

johnny1988ism says:

Love african music.

mimulu says:

Thank you Lord for sharing such great talents with us! So proud to be African!

MrJamjestteo says:

Anyone could write the name of such drums?

I mean the ones over 1 meter high, cylidrical, the diameter about 25-30cm, the tunning is done with nails (I think)… You can often see them in pictures with Babatunde.

ThisWorldMusic says:

Beautiful! Interested in learning African drumming in Africa? Study in Ghana, West Africa, with ThisWorldMusic and earn academic or professional credit from UMASS.

mistimo1st says:

RIP BABATUNDE OLATUNJI…. African drum legend

luvuless12 says:


sisternyabinghi says:

iriiiieeee, mon
datta cool I-a-binghi riddim, fe true
luv & peace

doc998 says:


WholisticByNature says:

Beautifiul sound of healing

TheTrilnp says:


swamisnyc says:

Baba was the first generation of drummers to come over and play in the West, so all the players have respect for him as an elder brother. If you played with the African community over here you would know that. His drumming is full of spirit; which is the essence and essential ingredient of African Drumming. Take your slick drumming to an African dance class in a city near you and see what reaction you get . Peace.

glorplaxy says:

LOL, you’re going to try to say you’ve played with great players from Mali and Guinea and that they think THIS is some sort of example of great playing? Talk about a beginner. Wanna youtube battle it out? You post a vid and I’ll post one.

swamisnyc says:

Have you ever played with dancers with anybody from Mali or Guinea? I dont think you even play djembe. You sound like a beginner with a bad attitude.

glorplaxy says:

LOL, which “great players”? The fucking old hippie woman with henna drums at some lame ass drum circle? You know nothing about real djembe… Check out Petite Mamady or Harouna Dembele and you will realize that the rhythms in this video here are indeed mind-numbingly simple and bad. You obviously have gone nowhere in your drumming if you think just because some lame-ass hippie puts a funny hat on and speaks of “feeling” is a great player even when the rhythms suck.

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