Assiduousness Rocks / Frequent Training on Skype Makes the Difference Learning Flamenco Guitar CFG Skype is the Best Way to Learn flamenco guitar online (How to avoid Interruptions, lacking motivation, unclear goal and poor planning)

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How come Skype is the Best Way…?
My Philosophy
6 Subjects of CFG Program
Skype & Setting a New Standard

Ex. 1) Antonio Rey testimonial 01:10
Ex. 2) Which is the best technique to learn 12:00

What if I have very Little Time to Practice…?

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How long It Will Take Me To Learn All The Study Program…?

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What if I have very Little Time to Practice…?

Goal of “Picado” + “Ligados” in the Paco de Lucia’s Technique

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Why do I Teach…?

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Tips: How to Know if the Fret-board (Neck) is Bent…?

Hesitation can block progress
To understand my other videos please watch the following one first:
This is the most important video, is like a password video to understand the rest

On Which Level I am…?

Playing Fun vs “Playing Professionally”


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