Anele TheAfrikanSon kaMthethungqongqo Potelwa – The Death Tears Of An African Soldier

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It never took time
For thee to gaze anxiety at the sun
But so long enough it took
For us to speak with my tears
And so to gloom the stars of fantasy

I smiled hopefully
As I my wounds laughed faithfully
My eyes cried obstacles
That lied beside my unpleasant journey
And killed my heart
Yes I did

The rain poured
As I stood with one leg
No arm to wave goodbye the world
And vision kept walking with fanasy
As all my efforts ran away with modesty
I dictated my missions
Yes I did

As I roamed
My life was so much doomed
Then I held the flag of defeat
And sang my bloody song
Yes I did

Pain never cleared at all
Being striked by the storm of tears
That left dark and red marks in my eyes
And illegally jailed my heart with scars
With no intentions I stood still
Yes I did

Took a decision to betray my people
I authorised defeat
Please do not judge me but the circumstances
A missioned soldier came from behind
And his duties put bullet in my head

The journey for me ended
My lovely kids shall never see me again
I perished with a heart
I perished with love
And I died with pride
I did
Yes I did

Anele TheAfrikanSon kaMthethungqongqo Potelwa


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