Amazing African Dance Group choregraphy with Djembe druming

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Bamako Mali November 2007 Festival Dense Bamako Dance. Djembe druming.


Moriah Treadwell says:

Love it yass!! African Pride!

zahirasha peacesala says:

Amazing African Dance Group choregraphy with Djem…:

Amina Ly says:

So cute..Nice!!!

Amina Ly says:

So cute..Nice!!!

X8 Drums says:

Its hard to say whether the drumming or the dancing is the best part of

Gene Emerson says:

Authentic, natural, powerful and hypnotic dance that is unique to Africa.
How can one resist the sound of the drums and not to dance. As @ cola cage
pointed out:It’s there inside you. Listen to african drums and just move
your body…. you’ll find your rhythm. Bravo!!! 

Rebecca Lynn says:

This is one of the best things I’ve ever seen. It gives me a good
feeling. Go, dancers and drummers. You are brilliant and beautiful.

waterhands20 says:

It’s beautiful how African dance still influences folkloric dance today. In
Puerto Rico, there’s a genre called ‘Bomba’ that literally derived from
African Slaves. They created Bomba as a means of an escape from working for
the white man. One move in this vid @ 0:40 is a common move done especially
when dancing the ‘Holandes” version of the Bomba. The choreographing is
amazing as well as strikingly similar to Puerto Rican-African culture as
well as every Latin country in the Western Hemisphere. Bravo.

Sarah Green says:

Excellence! ! #African #Dance #Djembe #Drum

Donato De Nicola. Vitae Dolor says:

Festival Dense Bamako Dance. Djembe druming

mega munguryek Kennedy says:

but this guy in white made it

Hilal GÜNDOĞAN says:

Fantastico!!Semplicità dei movimenti la forza bruta di questa danza,mi fa

lauri mcnally says:


Jacquiatan M says:

The guy in the white is all I can focus on.. He is the focal point..awesome

Ingrid Parrilla says:

I luv it, SOOOOOOOOO much energy, so energetic, so “MOTHER AFRICA”!!!! :-)

Gina Jordan says:

That video of Africa got me in the mood for some real African music,
drumming and dancing. 

Mahalia Noble says:


msrocroyal1000 says:

@99ymail1 bitch they from africa nigga so shut da fuck up U DIRTY HOE

151942 says:

@thezo4725lol you can go to african and find out exactly where
your dna traces. I believe all African Americans should take the test.
Nomore of not knowing where we’re from! 🙂

Ayden B says:


matsensot says:

this is cool!


And why is that? Don’t tell me that you have something against Africans.

simha1985 says:

SO MUCH PASSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aero2hot says:

this is amazing dancing!!!

janetkissjanetkiss says:

i’m guessing the guy in the white joggers choreographed it.

Cece Raja says:

1:23 that is where Michael Jackson got that move; every ethnic group that
has any flavor ought to say “THANK YOU AFRICA!”

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