Amasing drummer .Drum solo

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15 year old from Oslo Norway play drum solo as a pro


Shumi1215 says:

i like this version … anyone want to chat with a cutie like me^^? hihi

vikz91 says:

okay… its really cool to watch.. really … musically, starting was really gr8… bt afta tht.. everythin was for show-off… IDK if he plays for just this sort’ta shows… Musically, Worst … bt seeing his age… if he is doing this for the show… he has practiced real hard and has done a gr8 job!

Feraldinho Rich says:

Words escape me for once in 55 years. aaammmaaaZZZIINNGGG

RaMfNo says:

Not impressive at all… That’s just double bass with bad tempo. The beginning was ok, but everything else was bad and not unique at all.

mrsplodge says:

what he’s doing is impressive. but he can’t speed up without getting louder, there’s little variation in what he’s playing (it’s just riff x 3, solo x1) apart from when he goes off into a ridiculous solo which isn’t in time. this isn’t a drum solo this is simply showing off (as demonstrated perfectly by his sticking twirling) and not doing a very good job with it.

lexsington33 says:

i wanna see you live. your amazing!

marchonchandler says:


Evan Moxey says:

pretty good im impressed

-VoDk4 says:

ptain le mec il a meme pas besoin de bosser a l’ecole la route pour son avenir est deja toute tracé

Stéphane Oblin says:

t’es vraiment un professionnel toi

robbieb1 says:

I don’t know what the other guys are seeing when they left such negative comments, but i thought you were excellent. Just imagine what you could do with a full kit!! Keep it up and good luck in the future from me here in Australia

Yeetown says:

yea hes kinda shitty for amazing in the title. just an average double kick fag imo

aninedu66 says:

terrible !!!

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