All About Drums : Bass Drum Pedal Technique

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There are two approaches to bass drum pedal technique. Perfect your bass drum pedal skills with the help of a professional drummer in this free video. Expert…


German Almonacid says:

thamks dud I did’t know that trick

NeoN Cryogenica says:

Heel* And what technique to you use? Look at any professional drummer, they all use heel up.


Bitch heel down is harder thats why i use it and ill kick yo azz on set pussy bitch made ass White boy

Zach Cline says:

Heels up is much more effective than heel down .

iisne says:

I’d recommend a spell check.

90Satch says:

Roman Lomtadze? грузин? круто!

MrMercManSir says:

is there a slow tempo at which the technique you’re using is rendered “ineffective”?

MrMercManSir says:

you’re obviously a very closed-minded, closeted drummer. because unless you’re wanting to play the kick drum soft, heel (h-e-e-l) up is the BEST OPTION.

chicowp442 says:

what a nice roll in the ending

iFoRMaTioN1 says:

I wouldn’t need to heal up..because I use the heel up technique so my foot doesn’t hurt?

Arlek Orjoman says:

…so that’s how it’s done, I feel so stupid, I was doing it without the slide technique when doing fast hits, and it made me look like my leg was shaking. Thanks for the video.

bondjamesbond12 says:

Must be a crap drummer then…

Melody Rafflesia says:



hahaa wow i’ve been getting so frustrated because ive been trying to do two hits with my foot in the same place
thanks for the help 🙂

drummerb0y4life says:

Are you kidding….heel up is used by almost every professional drummer. It isn’t a crappy technique it is a choice and a smart one. For example, when I play jazz I use heel down unless I am playing rock or metal…

anggavaliandi says:


Joe Riddington says:

Crap technique, i would not recomend heal up.

RichMaxwell says:

Good thing he’s better at drumming than he is at talking.

Jonas Wetteland says:

wow… Thank you so much!

Kaushikstealth says:

nice vid!

Kaushikstealth says:

nice vid!

Melvin Gauntlett says:

you teach me something thanks mon

Eldon Theadore says:

MAAN, I wish I have that drum kit

luckyamo15 says:

Your not really “sliding” its more of like a lil hop

SPIKERS8100 says:


estivenrex18 says:

i cryed…sounds too good 4 my ears

1996Dalli says:

It’s quite hard to slide your foot 🙁

apolympus says:

tnx dude

Dampyy says:

thank you very much!

matonafacanoCS says:


vicioustomato says:

very useful! thanks so much!

drummerb0y4life says:

those drums sound so godly

rageagainstboxhead says:

that’s ome sick drummin’ bro

willievega says:

Great Job!

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