Alf Hutchison – African Queen

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Dedicated To a South African poet on Poemhunter…Cindy Kreiner Sera

With carefully chosen words she draws,
On an African canvas which she adores,
Then paints her pictures in colorful hues,
Light shades of darkness, to bluest of blues.

Compassion lies deep within her bone marrow,
For our parched land, its pain and its sorrow,
From Africa crying with its aches and pains…
To the joy that comes, with the blessed rains.

She holds South Africa in the palm of her hand,
Passionately dedicated to God’s beautiful land.
Cindy Kreiner Sera, is our poets dear name,
Seeking no glamour, neither fortune nor fame.

A poetic genius, both humble and wise,
Worthy, we all think, of a Nobel Prize.
An equal to Cindy, has yet to be seen,
Our precious poet…our African Queen.

Alf Hutchison


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