African Union troops search Kismayu for rebel bombs

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Al Shabaab have pulled out of the Somali town of Kismayu but government forces still comb the streets for bombs left by the militia.

It was the al Qaeda-linked militants’ last urban bastion and they are not going quietly.

On Tuesday the group signalled their intent by setting off a bomb in the town centre.

The Kenya Defence Forces spokesman outlined the situation.


“The situation in Kismayo is relatively stable, however there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. You get the impression that the people do not feel very secure about the new dispensation, so as you walk across town you get the impression that they are kind of apprehensive about the new forces that are on the ground, but yes the security is improving but a lot more work needs to be done.”

Somali troops arrested suspected al Shabaab members on Wednesday as they conducted house-to-house searches to flush out rebel remnants.

Government troops are having to earn the trust of the local population in a city that has frequently changed hands during more than two decades of violent disorder in Somalia.


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