African Drums Original Composition

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Purchase MP3 via iTunes One of my most meritorious compositions so far. I wrote this song for a pulchritudinous friend of mine, and it ended up being quite favorable. If you do enjoy it…let me know, i would love to hear what you think. *copyrighted*


Rohan Attravanam says:

Thank you so much for the music. I liked the composition so much that I bought the song and am using it to promote an educational program to South Africa in my business school at Indiana University.

dareboy988 says:

and i loved it <3

scablet says:

dang…makes me wanna cry..

TheblackdiamondsVEVO says:

IT is very soothing to hear :D

JJBerthume says:

Fantastic piece

Rodmina1067 says:

I would like to use this… its very beautiful may i?

dareboy988 says:

i <3 africa

holalolapakito says:

Amazing composition !! I love it 🙂 !

TheSweety328 says:


dareboy988 says:

o: its so wonderful. i was a african drummer in the internationol dinner show

Zorbasrhodos says:

I like this composition, it’s great. As an guitarplayer i need a real solo story from a voice or an instrument – to catch the souls. You must go on – you’re a really good musician bravo, great talented!

linemosq says:


cinziapadilla says:

This is beautiful…Impressive……

Kurt Messetler says:


jermz0909 says:

keep making music like this please!

jermz0909 says:

I really like it sounds great to me!

suzyq1948 says:

Beautiful. I also play a keyboard (well sort of), but how you played it is outstanding. The picture should remind everyone that all wild animals need to be free. I went to a zoo when I was about 8, and was very disturbed that they were all in small cages. I never went back to any zoo, and I think they should all be banned, along with circuses!

masturb8tor says:


shawdy1969 says:

was this mad on bontempi organ

lorisc2 says:

good!! watch dbz epic or dubstep super saiyan fight show 🙂

Fiorella4473 says:

Wonderful music!! I am listening… the percussion is lovely and delightful, its like being in the ocean..

swlovesvegans says:

i actually would come see you.. this composition is epic

kerokenta says:

ajajaj the lion king jajajajaj !

Shidraq Dresz says:

i did love african songs because of this!thanks for a wonderful tune!

niffyclarke says:

is the actual name for this piece ‘African Drums’ ?

Keltyana1273 says:

Song buy !! Great and happy song !! Love it !! (sorry for my bad english :p)

dilynn952 says:

Since both my sons are professional percussionists…love me some good drumming. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your talent. I know the hours which go into a compostion.

dilynn952 says:

All three of my children & myself are musicians. I definitely know the difference between a synthesizer.Two of mine are composer/performer/professor. One is an electronic musician/dj. If you notice I did put the word “fake” in quotes simply because I knew they weren’t actually “the drums”. Read the response to my original comment by the composer/performer of the piece (ljdespain); he agreed & will be performed this summer with full orchestra and percussionist. I only wish I could be there!!

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