African Drums Burundi Warriors Of the Drum

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in times of war prepare for peace. in times of peace prepare for war.


Teedoreful says:


Jevish Sydamah says:

just go on youtube coverter. type it on google… try it out..

RosaFuzzel says:

Woah *Q* dance baby <3

tamiyafrog says:


liljaeswag23 says:

Sounds like shit

jlidi02 says:

Shit nigga

Naturegirl59 says:


Phonologie says:

I have been the most of my last 20 years in war with myself

Acrodents says:

I love drums like this they are so beautiful.

69Kambash64 says:

Drum hats.

Fucking drum hats.


thebadgood123 says:

OMG this is amazing!

selemanecu says:

Great so this is the Original!!! You hear this battle track in the Anime Hellsing it’s name is Origin Reflection Rhythm Nation it plays during Incognitos appearances!^^

smartalek180 says:

“Joni Mitchell: the hissing of summer lawns…..”

Thank you for showing me I’m not crazy.
(Well, I might b anyway, but at least this isn’t a hallucination resulting from)
I recognized it immediately, but since nobody else had said anything…
I love JM more than anything, but I really do wish she’d given proper credit on her album.
(Or did she, & my bad for not noticing?)

MrpotatoChips says:

try as I might, only one word comes out of my mouth when trying to describe this:


froger4587 says:

i thought you were just messing….but its true indeed-

ericogomez says:

Dior spring  rtw 2006

iamthemoriarty says:

Absolutely amazing, was looking for some inspiration for a song I want to work on and this was perfect.

GreenGoSolar says:

☼ #Libertad ♫ #Freiheit ♥ #Liberty ☺

whytmagic666 says:

this makes my heart race 🙂

DemonOfLaziness says:

Lol, this song has been remixed for a popular anime. It’s remixed version is called Origin Reflection Rhythm Nation.

VictumRoManius says:

God this sounds awesome! I wish i had a army and i was marching towards my enemies, with our drums of war!

7t8h4z says:

Loved it. Good example of African drums. Just what I was looking for. Thanks

VolcanicDrum says:

Absolutely beautiful, thank you for posting!!!

Caprise Scott says:

bless up!

isavakoya says:

Asante! (Thank you) Sunmanpatoo! I think I’m gonna make my sun do an introduction report on Burundi!

isavakoya says:

This is spirtual post my brotha! 8/4/2010 peace and blessing to the soul of Professor X the overseer who would of turned 55 today and peace to you Sunmanpatoo for your strong vibes!!!

robc23857 says:

You watch the hills on fire and you hear the drums ………a chill runs up your spine !!

goldengirlwithmyopia says:

Joni Mitchell: the hissing of summer lawns…..

Bissen says:

Ok, WHY do I have this from a Hellsing album?!

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