African drumming workshop for schools

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paul butler from drummers united runs an african drumming workshop for infants using african djembes and doun douns.


joshdademedia says:

brilliant. that has really helped me with my idea for a drumming class at
primary school using large water bottles as drums. thanks

alyncurtis says:

Thank you for putting this on Youtube it’s great to see everyone having so
much fun. I’m using this format this afternoon in the club I have started
at school. Just what I needed for inspiration.

unbeatableenergy says:

I’m the best drummer in the world. The vicar said so when we did our annual
African drumming performance for his parish summer fete at the
Sandrington-wipsnade village Gala. He nearly dropped his cream scones and
spilt his tea! Now I definately know that I’m the best drummer in the
world! I’m the best drummer in the world.

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