African Drumming in Harlem

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African Drumming


sraight1 says:

Very powerful.The blood of Africa speaks…

raider2661 says:

damn, lots of energy

Ur Dum says:

man you africans sure know how to jam!

kodubbe says:

white black blue green…all drums unite! music is the key!

tamaduni says:

Back to our roots

floridaguy001 says:

What do you mean, black people who were kicked out of Africa had to make their new culture based on where they were taken.

dropfan195 says:

they would be doin that in Harlem.

Rasta14RiverPlate says:


Candeebutterfly0401 says:

just beautiful

Jason791 says:

that was tiiightt

madtiger111 says:

Speaking to the soul!

theseeker61 says:

Give thanks for the drums… Ache!!!

flyingmojo5 says:

The call of the drums is a seduction unlike any other. And that woman dancer with the braids…she makes me wish I was black!

SkaiHighCOnnections says:

Ahhhh the rhythm of LIFE

chakachocolate says:

thanks so much for representing and showing the beauty of the motherland the great african please miss to check up african drums central park
happy holidays blessings

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