african drum robot playing soli and takosaba

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This is my african dunun robot. This electronic friend plays the melody on the 3 dununs while i can concentrate on playing the djembe patterns. After making …


ronruck says:

Robots playing music?… no thank you.

drumsticks100 says:

Thank you. good questions! The midi player can play as fast as you want it
to. So the real question is how fast the actuators/drumsticks can follow
the commands. I tested it and it can play pretty fast. I will try to make
a new video soon. Haha..yes i have friends to play with and they cannot be
replaced! Every note or command can be programmed everywhere in the timing
but as far as i know now it has to be done for every note by hand
seperately…timeconsuming but possible yes..Happy drumming!

djembeweaver says:

@SjpielseWolf I don’t think percussion studio supports midi though

Dario Di Castri says:

la morte della VITALITA’ della musica!!

egeotomasyon says:

zulu from Africa :))

Dave Muijen says:

haha awesome 😀 This is very cool! Your gonna make a djembe robot as well?
Great job! Sounds good, looks good. You should try hooking it up to
percussion studio. It makes the rhythms even more visual – easier to learn.
But you did an awesome job there :-D, maybe alot of time in it, but
outstanding result. Also how u set it up and masked it LoL. Respect!

Filou Zof says:

Haha, this so fun… Hmm, i have some questions : 1) How fast can he play ?
(It is very slow here) 2) Don’t you have people to play with ? 3) Can u
introduce microtiming (i mean swing algorythme into the sequencer) ?

Djembeweb says:

@drumsticks100 thanx for your positive feedback on my comment. I love your
robot more the more I watch it ! 😉 For sure it is more realistic than what
I suggested,and it looks much better. Just to add, you can use your own
samples (sounds) and make new instruments in the Perc.Studio. Also you can
use Humanize feature to make it sound less like a muchine. I dont want to
advertize, there are also other tools, this one is just quite cheap and
good functioning, being designed for percussions.

djembeweaver says:

Awsome. I want one.

Tuni Panea says:


drumsticks100 says:

@Djembeweb Thanks for your comment. And you are absolutely right. This is
what i did before. However i wanted things to look , sound and feel more
real. Also i wanted to know if it was possible to make a robot like i did.
I saw you playing in the video you uploaded and i must say you know what
you are talking about. Nice studio and good playing! Keep on drumming!!

James Farrell says:

The future is here!!!! Scary really 🙂 “Have you seen this boy?” –
Terminator 2

goldkehlchenberlin says:

wie cool is das denn 😀

drumsticks100 says:

Hi Michael, after trial and error i used rotary solenoids, expensive!
12volt types running on 19 volts. On the end of the sticks is artificial
cork like used for winebottles and around it soft tissue because of too
much attack without it. If you leave your emailadress on my channel
reactions i willl send you some detailed foto ‘s if you like. I am planning
to add a djembe with actuators to my robot so i am very interested in your
project too. (how to get good slaps and tones and bass)



djemmime says:

hoi jan geweldig je uitvinding is dus geboren, rein stuurde hem door,
fantastisch … hoop dat alles goed gaat bij jullie en je nog vele keren
afrika zult proeven samen, groet mieke

guedom says:

super cool hehe

MichaelKrzyzaniak says:

Awesome robot! I’m actually working on a djembe robot. Do you have any
advice about the actuators? What type of solenoids are you using? How are
they attached to the drumstick? What material is on the end of the
drumstick? Is there anything you wished worked better? Thanks!

Djembeweb says:

A nice robot! Though I guess you can get similar result by programming
PercussionStudio and playing back from it, or simply from a mp3 file
created from the output from Percussion Studio. Than you would only need a
good speaker or guitar combo for playing back. I use it successfully for
quite long already for my practising.

Nebrox says:

Robot djembe player might be a little bit harder 🙂

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