African Drum Kit + Roland Orchestral Rhythm (FREE)

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To get this drum kit for FREE please do the following: 1. Subscribe 2.Add me on 3.Send me a message on FACEBOOK to get the link.


DarkoTheOne says:

this kit is awesome! i’ll upload a beat using that, is crazy! thanks man!!

JAYCZero says:

You know what ? With all due respect,let’s cut the shit. If you have the
file please be kind and upload it if not ? Stop teasing other people by
proposing favorable request in exchange of something that can easily be
downloaded. But since Megaupload is down it’s nearly impossible. So for
anyone please talk to me , I have the File. I don’t have it on Mega or
Rapid but you can add me on FB or I can email it to you.Hope this helps ,
Thank you.

DJBokkii says:

Thanks man 😀

shlomi hagever says:

I have no facebook. if you really do have the link then just post

hajro89 says:

Since Megaupload got shut down I haven’t reposed it anywhere, if you want,
you can contact me at and I’ll send it to you.

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