African Dance: MALI West African Dance, African Chants, Djembe Drums, “Danza” (Diansa, Dansa)

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Ariel Wind says:


preciouskiss3 says:

I love how they are smiling while dancing 🙂

mohamed Ongoiba says:

poor confused Somalis Arab wannabes with no culture always running After African people cultural videos to spread your jealousy and hatred, swallow your venom and get a live !!! lol

BrnX84 says:

wowwwwww nice dance!

Mabd1202 says:

I am from somalia..I don’t understand it but it sounds good nd nice dance! I will visit this country when it’s safe:)

jada10000 says:

I love being black n my wonderful culture

Nisha Copeland says:

drummers are grt dance didnt match up well

SirWaltenCrane says:

damn, those drummers are amazing!

CreateCliches says:

What are the lyrics???

luz del cid says:

me encanta la fortaleza de la gente africana

tyneegyal says:

What is the name of this song and what is the meaning?

Nora Ekman says:

rythm, wow!

PanglossDr says:

I’d love to see 40 of them do their version of riverdance, could be fantastic

Razzi Kun says:

what exactky are you guys saying in both english and the language your speaking

kurukurubanny says:

twin dance, slim body, long hands, long legs, white tooth, smiling face, and rhythms. i love it,
please keep these wonderful people and culture from war.

mikecheck46 says:

It’s nice to hear where hip-hop came from. Even back then we had rhythm.

TheEasyboats says:

nice voice.

42064206 says:

i only asked because you can see the reflection of the dancers feet, must just be a shadow, not a reflection.

johnuio says:

absolutely beautiful – thanks so much for this 🙂

C. Keough says:

Im pretty sure its a concretish dirt overlay.

Edward Trollston says:

@burcoboi1 If u r Somali how u got Internet I put dis in langwij u understand

Beatriz Rodrigues says:

so amazing. tão incrível. vejo o corpo delas se elevar. i can see their bodies elevate

dicarlo smith says:


tfoprincess says:

Belle? We do that in my island in the Caribbean

michaelpluznick says:

The ground is very dry.

42064206 says:

is the ground wet? the ground thats being danced on.

Gracie Parr says:

my music teacher made me and my music class class listen to this!!!!! It’s kinda cool i guess. Its amazing how they know when to play and what to play!

Angela Alderson says:

Do you think it possible to do one for Manjani?? I have words to two songs that I cannot find!

allielovesu100 says:

i Blasted this song when the pizza man came… LOL

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