African-American Fife & Drum Music: Mississippi & Jamaica

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This is archival (?which) footage of a fife and drum group of Ed and Lonnie Young of Mississippi. I believe it was recorded by Alan Lomax, sometime between 1…


hultonclint says:

I agree!!

edmund hamill says:

refreshingly guitar free

Juan Carlos Hernandez says:

This is archival (?which) footage of a fife and drum group of Ed and Lonnie
Young of Mississippi. I believe it was recorded by Alan Lomax, sometime
between 1959 and the early 60s. They use a fife made of cane, and drums
adapted from military bands.

It is interesting how similar it is, not just in form but also in actual
content, to the fife and drum playing of “John Canoe” processional music of
Jamaica. I have put just a quick sample of that from a 1954 recording, at
the end.

[My purpose for posting is to draw out this comparison, which would
probably not be noticed otherwise (the clip being buried in Martin
Scorcese’s documentary on Blues), but if it appears to infringe someone’s
copyright, please contact me.]
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hultonclint says:

@Deposetheboyking right on!

Steven Markley says:

@RISINGsonsofHAROLD Also, do please try to understand the meaning of words
when you use them. This may seem hard, I know, because there are so many
words to keep track of. Curiously, you referred to me as a “fascist” not
once, but twice. I can only assume you heard this word bandied about by
Sean Hannity or on the History channel somewhere, and it seemed important
and a bad thing to call someone. However, you’ve used the word entirely out
of context. I don’t support fascism in any form.

hultonclint says:

@RISINGsonsofHAROLD It makes me very happy that it has ‘assaulted’ your
ears. Sounds like your ears need an assault. Why on earth would it be like
traditional British f ‘n’ d when it is African descendants in America?
These people are not beholden to British music. You should respect them for
playing the real music of their people, rather than compromising and
playing to others’ ideas of ‘jazzing up’ foreign tunes.

blazinlead says:

This was cool. Thank you for sharing it.

BronxFifer says:

never the less…

Marcio Scolmeister says:

In Brazil Banda de Pífano de Caruaru

ThePintsizeslasher says:

@AEngleSaex What hultonclint said. Learn2read or troll elsewhere. I like
both this and the organized marches in Ulster. But because they don’t play
to your liking they must sucks. I’d say these folks are better though:

Lindokuhle Sindane says:

lmao! They need an assau lting

manfred898 says:

@AEngleSaex Oh, I’ve a wealth of experience, believe me 🙂 A spade should
be called a spade.

7jem331 says:

@slobjob13 Wow more homophobia to add to your racism. Mummy and daddy must
be so proud of you. Clearly you must be about 10 with the “Your gay”

ElComadreja777 says:


Bettina Starchild says:

It is amazing that is from so long ago when the north and south fought; and
the fife is still integrated into the music! I love what human nature does
with music, it is such a reflection on the soul, or an extension? That was
a great gem!

Lindokuhle Sindane says:

Im from South Africa and they still make music like this

Steven Markley says:

@RISINGsonsofHAROLD Well, if that were the case, the video description
would likely have said “British” somewhere in it, yes? The embarrassment is
your poor reading comprehension, your lack of musical taste, and your
petulant whining. Go listen to some country music or something sufficiently

Hchmert Llawa says:

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be possible, you example can

telemanque says:


Alf Aethelweard says:

@hultonclint take your Nazi bullshit elsewhere you fuckin racist pig. WTF
has fife and drum got to do with you Nazi gay crap anyway ? You can’t hear
the name Germany get mentioned with out wanking over Hitler…

Fred Eric says:

– same music you will find all around the westindies… Haiti, cuba etc

xenos60 says:

That was awesome.

Pudersepp says:

Can someone give hints about the fife players dance? I have seen similar
elements in many black traditional music videos. Such as the video here on
Youtube about Fela Kuti (“Fela in performance”). Where could I see more of
this dance? Why are the dancers going down to the ground like that?

Hchmert Llawa says:

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Alf Aethelweard says:

@7jem331, Dry your eyes you cock slut.

7jem331 says:

@AEngleSaex And leave those who know to discuss African culture and love
this music for what it is, thankfully having no links to that sess pool of

Lindokuhle Sindane says:

People with your kinda mentality make me mad…Lord ha’Mercy on you

RISINGsonsofHAROLD says:

It makes me happy that you an overwight fuck-wit

AEngleSaex says:

@7jem331 Reed instruments?? What are you talking about? Flutes are ‘wind’
not reed. The international scientific community accepts that human musical
melodic tradition began in europe over 35’000 years ago You are far too ignorant on
this subject to comment!

BronxFifer says:

I AGREE..its always good to know what to avoid.

Gabriel Costa Jaloto says:

The Red Pill of good music. Or the Blues Pill of good music.

Bonacker says:

amazing! i read about this stuff, but never saw it. did you ever hear the
re-created fife and drum in the martin scorsese movie “gangs of new york”?
incredibly similar.

7jem331 says:

@AEngleSaex Ah you can always count on someone from that religious blood
bath known as Northern Ireland to treat us all to yet another example of
stupidity and ignornace from that part of the world. Fife and drum is
common in North and West Africa (From Morocco to Senegal) amongst many
ethnic groups and last I checked they had no ethnic connections with a
bunch of bigoted loyalists.

TheSpiritualShow says:

duda, tell me where to look for in itunes or cd for good fife and drums
like this to get, tks – i just bought my first fife and am crazy about this
kind of music crazy crazy

7jem331 says:

@AEngleSaex I think you will find that there has been a reed instrument
found in almost all parts of the world (Not just Europe, shocking it must
be for you to hear this but its true) Its found in Mesopotamia, in West
Africa. West African musicians perform the same music and dance as these
performers do in the video. Its also obviously found in Europe. Oh and the
Turkic race is one of the oldest on the planet.

guy br says:

if you search for “Banda de Pífanos” from Brazil, you will find somenthing
similar. Great video!

Alf Aethelweard says:

@hultonclint, Excuses excuses, tut tut tut you lying little closet Nazi…

rantazz23 says:

i cant believe you people…this is such a traditional african sound…if
ur expecting to hear.. i dont even know whatever u white ppl do when u fife
n drum…this is something that u dance to and has a spiritual meaning im
soooo happy…because honestly as a jamaican descendant i see no love for
africa from black americans and such a huge desire to distinguish
themselves as a ‘separate culture’ its great to know that it still runs in
their blood same way!

MrVening says:


Alf Aethelweard says:

@7jem331 Do you actually realise that it is the IRA that have continued the
Hate Campaign in N.Ireland, while the Loyalists are idle? Nah, course
not… You’re to busy suckin’ African fife owner’s cocks to no what the
fuck’s going on….

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