A Funky Four: Djembe tutorials with Bruce Harding

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A video to help you learn a versatile, funky rhythm for playing in four.


leo123456789101 says:

Great, I’ve been drumming before and not played for a while, your tutorials
are very good, thanks

gmee123 says:

Very nice lesson video. I liked your teaching style. Plenty of time to
learn it and play along with you to get it down. Perfect! Thanks for
sharing 🙂

pathshifter says:

love your tutorials! keep up posting 🙂

Omarateastwind says:

Very nice! Just wondering if you have transposed this rhythm to paper? I
seem to be able to learn better when I can see the rhythm on paper….you
know, gun pa ta gun..gun go do pa…like that…

Arun Chid says:

Hi Bruce, I am a Indian Living in London and recently started learning
Djembe recently as a part time hobby and now I am mad about it. I go to
classes every week from past few months. My mentor(Remi) is such a down to
earth guy & has got immense patience. After every session I look for videos
out and I am a loving your work very easy to learn, understandable and nice
rhythms. Why dont you play a African song while you play Djembe? It would
be really good to learn Djembe with song

Anthony Lefaive says:

Are you left handed?

Lee Watt says:

Great videos,You make it alot easier to learn.Some of the other teaching
vids on here start off to fast

sam ek says:

This is a great video with an awesome beat. Thank you for sharing this.

lodzmoimmiastem says:

after sliding my right hand on djembe like you on video, I got it pure nice
tone ! After 5 days playing alone using video tutorials.. thats was hard…
heh that is funny slap is easier for me

MelodicArts says:

I have notation for most of my rhythms on my drumming page, but not this
rhythm. I’ll see what I can do about that, Omarateastwind. Thanks for the

djemberich says:

I am very, very impressed by your teaching methods.

Bob Springfield says:

I like what you are doing with these tutorials. I have a group that gets
together weekly. I am going to introduce some of your rhythms and add some
harmony parts. Thanks for posting your djembe tracks.

Federico Ignacio Fantin says:

I’m willing to start playing Djembe, and saw your videos, and they’re my
only guide, and i’m doing just fine! so thanks for your good teaching!

Mike Stenberg says:

HapieHipie, It appears that since he leads with his left hand that he would
be left-handed.

MelodicArts says:

Hi Arun. I do put rhythms to songs when there is a close association with a
particular song or tradition. This rhythm, however, is not very
traditional, just something I find myself using all the time when
accompanying popular music etc. Keep playing!

erma sangil says:

Thank you for your tutorials. Easy to follow.

MelodicArts says:

I got my drum from David Thiaw, a Senegalese drummer in Calgary, Alberta.
He brings shells in and makes them himself – fine instruments!

chrishansen1100 says:

where did you get your drum?

MelodicArts says:

Thanks, Sam.

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