#7 “African Dance”: Dununba Community drum and dance party: Great young dancer!

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http://michaelpluznick.com/2010/11/21/dununba-dance-and-drum-party-in-guinee-west-africa/ “African Dance”: #7More youngsters doing dununba dance Styling” and…


Elisangela Alberta says:


Elisangela Alberta says:
berean315 says:

Very nice!

etanielyehuda says:

@dbrosen The Elders are responsible for overseeing the preservation of
culture. The guys make certain that all people in the circle follow proper
protocol and order. There are group invitations or indicators for others to
join in, but, the circle is usually meant for one dancer at a time

lingnoi24 says:

excellent quality!

David Rosen says:

great video. anyone know why the guy breaks up the circle of girls at the

Aj PoliMusic says:

WOOOW!!! That was sooo AMAZING!!!! Can’t wait to go there soon!!! LOVE my
ancestors and the people that I come from! African dance and music is
AMAZING!!! It’s really AMAZING to see this in the actual continent of

KadanzaD says:

Wow I wish I were that light on my feet!


This footage is out of this world fantastic!:)

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