4 Year Old Djembe Drummer

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Isaiah Chevrier from www.rootsyrecords.com play solo djembe.


MunkyBeat says:

Fun fun fun. Makes me envious!

leftysergeant says:

I am looking at this from a couple different angles. I majored in special Education in college. From a developmental standpoint, I would say that this boy is way ahead of the curve. That is remarkably good coordination for someone that young. He also seems to have a much better attention span than most kids his age. Off hand, I would say that he is proibably a lot brighter than most people in any culture.

From a musical perspective, HELL YEAH, he’s got some talent.

opium syntax says:

j’aimerez voir dans 20 ans se qu’il fait au percu !!!! ^^

govinden shambhavi says:

love his facial xpressions,,,hes so talented for a 4 yr old kid

TheGeronimo4444 says:


candiegirl412 says:


MrPeaceJohan says:

Put up another vid when he is 15!

magicdweedoo says:

Because “liking” a video of some kid having fun playing a drum makes you cultured.
People have their own tastes and opinions and not all of them are the same as yours.
Read the last two words in your channel description.

PanopticEye says:

Blood has nothing to do with it. It’s culture…

despenteado27 says:

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.. LOL DA BEST OF DA BETTERS

Normthedrummer says:

Great work from the small dude. He even has the perfect djembe playing expression!!

mistresspav says:

we all have :)

FirstTouchProduction says:

Same comment as below. May we use him on a new show called The Daily Mix?

ksgvradio says:

May we have permission to use this on a television show? We think he’s so cute and want to feature this video.

alysiamonet says:


Farbod Sharifpour says:

Wow! Right on little man! The rhythm is in your blood, but that’s no wonder if you’re african 😉
Keep up the good work, I wish you a very bright future little brother!

ikadeo says:

I want this kid to play at a party for me! Seriously, he’s great, and this was the cutest video I’ve ever seen in my whole life.

beedeetripo says:

me myself quit playing djembee and sold it but I keep coming back to this… simply genius… I’ve seen a lot of adults playing worse… greetings and respect from Holland, Bram… now I just play classic guitar because it relaxes me

NickB33 says:

Must’ve been a djembe drummer in a past life or something

James Davis says:

i love dis baby hes is goin ham

Dallas Martin says:

I <3 This!!!!

computron808 says:

HE is awesome !!!!! I wasn`t sure what drum to buy.. Cause I`ve been interested in buying a drum to add to my set up.. I dj and produce my own music.. I use all hard ware… And I think a live drum would be a nice add on…. And I luv the sound of this drum…This kid is gonna be a pro by teen years !!!!! If not b4 then !!!

FatouFamNFriends says:

My daughter and I love it. Keep up the good work.

Fake96PSN says:

1:07 ….. Super Sayan!

Sam Glasgow says:

That’s a very good djembe player! I loved it!

anita evert says:


Jujueyeballs1324 says:

OMG!!! That kid is freaking adorable!!!!!!

bardotme says:

alrightttttttttt!!!!!!! yeahhboiiiiiiiiiiii!!!

0Rykie0 says:

This kids got greaaaaat personality!!

0Rykie0 says:

Hahaha awww this is so cute!!

thepsychopsycologist says:

oh yah. well looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool:B

lilbassnsk8chic00 says:

1:09 looks like he is flipping us off

sheldonbotler says:

This makes my heart happy! 🙂

ZuHobbylos says:

ooohhh its beautiful <3 <3 <3

rnr14dors says:

hahaha sooo sweet and beautiful!!!!

ambijem says:

Little Badmann :’)

tigrowdelanight says:

the best is the father

AliEsteem says:

wow he is really talented

levensjean says:


levensjean says:


djembeFAN82 says:

If you like djembe and electronic music, check out:
Gloam – Guardian of Fire

fieniminie says:

verry nice!!
i love that kid!!!!
he’s verry good!!!

fieniminie says:

verry nice!!
i love that kid!!!xx

zenginer100 says:

zo cool

wanita jana says:


jojo10387 says:

i love “woooooo”!!

OttomanZC says:


TheCirurgi says:

That kid is possesed..

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