2 Year Old Djembe Drummer…

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Isaiah Chevrier introduces – Abdoulaye – his 2 year old little brother. Abdoulaye’s main teacher has been his older brother Isaiah. www.rootsyrecords.com You can help support their life here in Africa by purchasing a calender or mouse pad with their photos here: For all of their fans: www.cafepress.com


biggurs says:

i used to bang the table when i was 2.
If this family had a table then he would bang that.
He’s only banging the drum because he has no table to bang on!
when he’s 11 he’ll be banging his neighbour and will be a dad

Jasper Boefjie says:

This is amazing!

lilbassnsk8chic00 says:

he is soooooo good!!! it looks fake because he is so good! XD

maletchsmommy says:

AMAZING kids! 

Tcaret200 says:

I honestly don’t know why I commented that, and I completely regret commenting that, accept my apology?

jonnyhatter35 says:

those kids came out of the womb yelling, “Let’s fucking jam, bitches!”

mamavanR says:

I am exactly the 1.046.029 th viewer!

BeebieDee says:

He acts exactly like his brother Isaiah when hes drumming , lmfao

LaPrimavera2006 says:


Rode407 says:

Im exactly the 1.039.349st viewer

albertsmith77 says:

great talent

maguled says:

Lovely rythmic child, amazing

lleuadaan says:

there are 231 assholes in the world at least!

MsOgGirl says:

I love how he gets all into it and starts to shake his little body.

MsOgGirl says:

I thought that was cute too .

kaseo23 says:

Muy bueno! i love it

djikout says:

precoce le bambin

asya4ever99 says:

non ha veramente 2 anni ma comunque bravino dai

drummer022196 says:


gacp090506 says:


tanjaverburgt says:

ALIEN FACE at 2:18

andrysek20 says:

proc maten buben mezi nohama to si ho zakryva a at si neprsti a hraje neeeeeeeeeee (uz zacalhrat) us vite proc nesnasim cerny hlavy

Rosienoid says:


stanny28 says:

I am exactly the millionst viewer!

L0carb says:

thats really good for a two year old!!

L0carb says:


idreadfull says:

Love u

omabep says:

1:55 OMG XD

Watch his face friggin’ morph when you’re trippin’ out man. Seriously.

omabep says:

1:56 OMG XD

sinistavoicez says:

watch your mouth

sinistavoicez says:

230 people are really… hollow

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