12 1/2” LP720X Djembe vs Remo 10”

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Bought the LP720X after watching these videos, thinking it sounded awesome: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ppwt9pjuR0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUxTqQb…


Marko Lukic says:

OH, much more tension.

FOTOGIRL73 says:

Can I ask…………. how long did it take you to learn Djembe? I am
just beginning on bongos and djembe…………self teaching. Would you
reccomend lessons? I have some basic techniques you use, bu tyou just
inspired me………. wish you were local and could show me!!!!!!!

Nenad Pekez says:

I was wondering could you tell me how did you tune your Remo djembe, it has
great highs and mids as you say, and don’t have that ring, famous for all
remo djembes? Thank you!

Puritan830 says:

I’m still not certain. The small remo has great highs and mids, but lacks
good bass. I’ve managed to get a decent bass from it by using a good mic
and mixing board for live performances. The LP720X has great bass, and I
may just need to try adjusting the tension more. I bought it because of the
videos I just linked to in comments, but I have yet to get the same sound
this that one for some reason.

mathofmi2 says:

which one do you think is the best for solos in a band or alone ? thanks


great drumming

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